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Hi @Adarsh-kumar,

@agustinaarroyuelo just made a PR to include SMC-ABC into PyMC3. As this is an early version there is a lot of room for improving the code and the implemented algorithm, specially how to compute the epsilons as this is a critical step. Also there are a few new features in the SMC code that could be used in SMC-ABC. At some point it should be nice to refactor the code to avoid redundant code between SMC and SMC-ABC, but as a first approach we decided to make the SMC-ABC code as independent as possible from the rest of PyMC3 until we get a more or less stable version.

hello @junpenglao , thanks for your suggestion. I enjoyed experimenting the model shown in the Dynamic model in PYMC3 example rather than generating using scipy function and performed inference using both NUTS as well ADVI (Variational inference).

Using NUTS -

As suggested by @aloctavodia to contribute to the SMC-ABC part i will explore it, your suggestion regarding it are most welcome.

thanks @aloctavodia , I will explore regarding it and discussion with you soon.