Is there a plan to add a 4 parameters beta disterbution?

Hi Team,
I wanted to know if there is a plan to add a built in option for a 4 parameter beta distribution?
I currently implement a lazy “work-around” using pm.Deterministic
Using parameters “a” and “b” regularly and then multiply by “c” to get the width and add “d” for the distance from 0.


No plans for that. Why not just create a helper function to do that for you?

def scaled_beta(name, alpha, beta, c, d):
  beta = pm.Beta(f"{name}_raw", alpha, beta)
  return pm.Deterministic(name, beta * c + d)
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Thanks for the response.
This is basically what I did (w/o the function)

beta = pm.Beta("beta", a, b)
β = pm.Deterministic("β", beta * c + d)

I wondered if there was a more elegant way.

I think that’s as simple as it gets. Nothing wrong with it