Saving and Loading Trace but '\' in the varnames changes

I used the latex form in the varnames for the convenience of plotting.
Such as

mumu = pm.Uniform( r'$\rm\it\mu_\mu$', 0, 3)

I want to save the trace for later plotting.
The varnames before saving is

{'$\\rm\\it\\mu_\\mu$_interval__': 1.486670432765974,
'$\\rm\\it\\sigma_\\mu$_interval__': -1.2848523685113782,
'$\\rm\\it\\sigma_c$_interval__': -0.45050137041548416,

After saving and loading :

pm.save_trace(trace_h, directory='Inter2', overwrite=True)
trace_h2=pm.load_trace( directory='Inter2', model=model_h)

The varnames became

{'$/rm/it/mu_/mu$_interval__': 1.486670432765974,
 '$/rm/it/sigma_/mu$_interval__': -1.2848523685113782,
 '$/rm/it/sigma_c$_interval__': -0.45050137041548416,

How can I save the trace without changing the backslash in the varnames and plot it by pm.traceplot() later