2d Gaussian process IndexError


This is an example similar to an example for applying 2d gaussian process by @fonnesbeck. X_.shape=(10970, 2) and Y_.shape = (10970,). After running it I get this error at the line related to posterior predictive:

if samples.shape[0] == 1 and size == 1:

IndexError: tuple index out of range

Wondering if you could help me to resolve it?thanks!

nd = 30
z1, z2 = np.meshgrid(np.linspace(X_[:,0].min(), X_[:,0].max(), nd), np.linspace(X_[:,1].min(), X_[:,1].max(), nd))
Z = np.concatenate([z1.reshape(nd*nd, 1), z2.reshape(nd*nd, 1)], 1)

nd = 15
xu1, xu2 = np.meshgrid(np.linspace(X_[:,0].min(), X_[:,0].max(), nd), np.linspace(X_[:,1].min(), X_[:,1].max(), nd))
Xu = np.concatenate([xu1.reshape(nd*nd, 1), xu2.reshape(nd*nd, 1)], 1)
with pm.Model() as spatial_model:
    l = pm.HalfCauchy("l", beta=3, shape=(2,))
    sf2 = pm.HalfCauchy("sf2", beta=3)
    sn2 = pm.HalfCauchy("sn2", beta=3)

#    K = pm.gp.cov.ExpQuad(2, l) * sf2**2
    K = pm.gp.cov.Matern32(2,l) * sf2**2
    gp_spatial = pm.gp.MarginalSparse(cov_func=K, approx="FITC")
    obs = gp_spatial.marginal_likelihood("obs", X=X_shared, Xu=Xu, y=Y_shared, noise=sn2)

    trace = pm.sample(cores=1)

with spatial_model:
    f_pred = gp_spatial.conditional('f_pred2', Z)
    samples = pm.sample_posterior_predictive([trace], vars=[f_pred], samples=100)

To add more to this question here is what I get after running the code:


You would really have to post where your data comes from so anyone that wants to help could actually run your code.


@Gon_FThank you for the message, but the problem should not be the data, I explained the data shape in my explanation. To explain more, X_ , input is longitude and altitude, and output is a measurement for each of them. You can assume a grid that y is 2X_[:,0]+3X_[:,1]+noise. If it really matters I would be happy to share the actual data as well.


I just mentioned it because it gives me peace of mind to know the error is not coming from the data : P , and it allows me to work along with the code and run it, instead of just abstractly analyzing it.

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data.csv (1.5 MB)
@Gon_F here is the data, there are some missing values and I used (pandas dropna) to discard them.


I am wondering if the code looks good? or there is an error in it that I couldn’t fine? What is the reason for the error?


The model does run on my system, using current master (macOS and Python 3.7.3). Can you try that (or the release candidate that was just pushed)?