ARVIZ forest plot : is the point indicated by the round marker the mean of the distribution?

Is the point given by the round marker in the ‘middle’ of a forest plot HDI range the mean of the distribution ? Reason for asking is that i have a forest plot with 7 params like

alpha = pm.Normal(‘alpha’, 0,1, shape=7) , and when I plot the trace using az.forest_plot, the center point marked by the round marker is slightly off the values I get from az.summary for the same params. If I instead of plot_forest use plot_posterior, I get the correct mean values given in the posterior plot. Have I misunderstood the semantics of a forest plot ?


After further thought, noticing the IQR-bar on the forest plot, I suspect that the forest plot centre marker is not mean, but median ? At least with that interpretation, my numbers make sense.

Forest plot uses the HDI values for the given probability as outermost range, 25 and 75 quantiles as middle range (unless quartiles argument is false) and median as central point.

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