Bayesian Analysis with Python (Osvaldo Martin, 2nd ed) PyMC3 v PyMC5

Hello! Brand new to Bayesian stats and PyMC. I am working through Osvaldo Martin’s book, which I really like. However, it uses PyMC3 which I am unable to get to work on my machine (Mac OS 12.1, M1 chip). On the other hand, PyMC 5.0.2 does work. However, there are some substantial differences between these two versions.

Does anyone know whether there are updated code examples for this text that use PyMC5 rather than PyMC3?

UPDATE: Osvaldo reached out and let me know he is updating code examples to PyMC5. The first three chapters can be found here: BAP/code_5 at master · aloctavodia/BAP · GitHub