Building an ordered logistic regression model for toxicity prediction by Elizaveta Semenova

Let’s Build a Model Abstract

We will build a simple but useful ordered logistic regression model to predict severity of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) from in vitro data and physicochemical properties of compounds.


Elizaveta Semenova

Elizaveta is currently a postdoc in Bayesian Machine Learning at a pharmaceutical company. Her interests span Gaussian Processes, Bayesian Neural Networks, compartmental models and differential equations with applications in epidemiology and toxicology. She is tool agnostic and builds probabilistic models in either Stan, PyMC3 or Turing.

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Thanks for the talk Elizaveta! You might find @nico’s presentation Estimating the Causal Network of Developmental Neurotoxicants Using PyMC3 by Nicoleta Spînu interesting :slight_smile:

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