Can not use more than 1 core

For a simple model
when use this code
with pm.Model() as cs_nh:
μ = pm.Normal(‘μ’, mu=0, sd=10, shape=groups)
σ = pm.HalfNormal(‘σ’, sd=10, shape=groups)
y = pm.Normal(‘y’, mu=μ[idx], sd=σ[idx], observed=diff)
trace_cs_nh = pm.sample(1000)

I get an error . See the picture attached.
The code runs when i use only one core with
trace_cs_nh = pm.sample(1000,cores=1)

The view of the error

OS? PyMC3/Aesara/python versions? There have been some multithreading issues on Windows, though I am unsure of the status.

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