Can't instantiate abstract class MMM

Hi. Sorry for the probably basic question. I have tried to run the MMM model on Google Colab. When trying to run the MMM model, I get the following error message (the delayedsaturatedMMM works perfectly):

Can’t instantiate abstract class MMM with abstract methods _data_setter, _generate_and_preprocess_model_data, _serializable_model_config, build_model, default_model_config, default_sampler_config, output_var

I would really appreciate if somebody has any idea what am I missing

Hi @svladis2

The MMM class was previous used as an abstract base class <0.7.0 of pymc-marketing and not as a usable model class as you are seeing. Following 0.7.0, the MMM class will change and provide the more flexible media transformations.

At the moment, 0.7.0 is not released. Keep updated with the package on GitHub here and click “Watch” > “Custom” > “Releases” to be sure to get notified.

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