"Compilation failed (return status=1)" exception when running models

I get this error:
Exception: ('Compilation failed (return status=1): cc1plus.exe: sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in. ', 'FunctionGraph(Elemwise{add,no_inplace}(TensorConstant{1.0}, TensorConstant{1.0}))')
when I try to run this model:

firstModel= pm.Model()
with firstModel:
    theta=pm.Beta( 'theta', alpha=1, beta=1)
    y= pm.Bernoulli('y', p=theta, observed= data)
    trace=pm.sample(1000, cores= 4)

The model was working fine but after installing MinGW, I started getting this error.
I’m using python 3.9 and PyMC3 3.11.2 installed through pypi (I’m not using conda and for some technical reasons can’t use conda on my current machine)