Compile Error with PyMC on MacOS Sonoma

Hello community, I am facing an issue with PyMC just after upgrading my MacOS to Sonoma. I’m getting Compile Error. Here is the stack trace.

MacOS Sonoma
Chip - Apple M1 Pro
Python - 3.10
PyMC - 5.10
Pytensor - 2.18.6(comes along with PyMC)

I installed pymc using the following command

conda create -c conda-forge -n flectere_tennis_bets_env python=3.10 pymc==5.10 “libblas=*=*accelerate” --yes

CC @maresb @lucianopaz

Two questions,

  1. Was the environment already installed before the upgrade to Sonoma?
  2. Was anaconda already installed before the upgrade to Sonoma?

If any of your answers is yes, then what might have happened is that the upgrade brought a different layout of the standard C header files than the ones that were expected by the things you had installed via anaconda. My recommendation would be to reinstall anaconda so that you make sure that it is aware of the layout used by Sonoma

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Hi @lucianopaz re-installing anaconda fixed this issue. Thanks :pray:

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