Demystifying Variational Inference by Sayam Kumar

Talk Abstract

What will you do if MCMC is taking too long to sample? Also what if the dataset is huge? Is there any other cost-effective method for finding the posterior that can save us and potentially produce similar results? Well, you have come to the right place. In this talk, I will explain the intuition and maths behind Variational Inference, the algorithms capturing the amount of correlation, out of the box implementations that we can use, and ultimately diagnosing the model to fit our use case.


Sayam Kumar

Sayam Kumar is a Computer Science undergraduate student at IIIT Sri City, India. He loves to travel and study maths in his free time. He also finds Bayesian statistics super awesome. He was a Google Summer of Code student with NumFOCUS community and contributed towards adding Variational Inference methods to PyMC4.

This is a PyMCon 2020 talk

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Nice talk! Now that @Sayam753 you are familiar with both pymc3 and pymc4/tfp kind of VI API, what do you think we should improve on the pymc3 side moving forward?

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Thanks @junpenglao for the follow up. I would love to see generative modelling through VI going forward in PyMC3. Especially the recent advances in hierarchical variational bayes, NVAE paper. Also, some benchmarks using VI on JAX backend would be great.


Thanks for the talk and the public notebook! :ok_hand:

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