Dynamic/Interactive posterior plots?

Are there are any available tools for interactive posterior plots? For example, the library, PlotLy, allows for mouse hover, and dynamically displays content (say the corresponding x/y value.)

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You can use the bokeh backed in ArviZ to get some interactivity, Posterior Plot — ArviZ dev documentation example has two tabs, to show how each backend looks like. The hover tool for example is available by default and you can use it on the website itsef. The tools available can be controlled to some extent via the plot.bokeh.tools rcParam, docs on bokeh tools: Configuring plot tools — Bokeh 2.4.2 Documentation

For even cooler plots and enhanced interactivity, you can try @evdoxiataka package: GitHub - evdoxiataka/ipme: An interactive visualization tool that transforms probabilistic programming models into an "Interactive Probabilistic Models Explorer". which was also featured in the following PyMCon talk:

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Wow, thank you!