Econometrics w/ PyMC3?

Has anyone come across a resource for learning economics/econometrics topics via PyMC3? Topics like price differentiation, demand forecasting, capacity allocation, etc.

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Via PyMC3 I don’t think there is a specific resource. What I can recommend is Bayesian Econometrics by Gary Koop. It gives you a good overview on several methods always using the Bayesian lens. Then you have to look at several examples of implementations. In the book Bayesian Methods for Hackers by Cameron Davidson has some examples on those topics I believe. I would say that are quite simple but it is a way to start.

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I think there is no course that uses Pymc3 for that. Although there is a course that uses Python and Julia


When I looked at this book, I didn’t see anything particularly economic in the chapter contents, most topics were just statistics. Maybe there are some unlisted topics? @luisroque

It gives you the tools to work on different econometrics use cases. The aim is not to teach you econometrics or economics but to teach you how to apply Bayesian statistics to these different use cases.