# Error Importing PyMC3: AttributeError: 'TheanoConfigParser' object has no attribute 'change_flags'

I am using Python 3.10 environment
Installed Theano version 1.0.5 and pymc3 version 3.11.4 and numpy 1.19.3. I face the attribute error: TheanoConfigParser’ object has no attribute ‘change_flags’ .

I did add the following code at the beginning of my Jupyter notebook:
import os
os.environ[“THEANO_FLAGS”] = “mode=FAST_RUN,device=cpu,floatX=float32”
Can someone help with what might be going wrong with the import

I think a good place to start is to update the installation. We used to have a lot of problems with installing the tensor library (theano, later called pytensor) in version 3. But version 5 installation is pretty smooth. Installation — PyMC dev documentation

Does the error always show when you import? Or just when you run the os.environ code?

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Thank you. I made it work with uopdated installations. Thanks a ton.

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