How do I actually merge an update on NUMPYRO?


I see that the constant data issue with numpyro has been fixed ( JAX/NUMPYRO does not include constant_data · Issue #5781 · pymc-devs/pymc (

How do I merge this back into my environment? I usually just wait until an major update is released so I’ve never done this “midstream” before.

We just released a new version, so you can tey installing that as usual.

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Do I need to update pymc, numpyro or both?

just pymc.

Thank you.

It seems the instructions for PyMC dissappeared from Installation — PyMC dev documentation. It just shows jax.

Wasn’t it something like pip install pymc --pre

Yes, now that it’s released the installation instructions simplified. But you still need either numpyro or blackjax if you want to sample using those.

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