Import Errors with Latest PyMC Version - Seeking Assistance

Hi PyMC community,

I’ve encountered some issues while attempting to import the latest version of PyMC, and I’m seeking assistance in resolving them. Here are the details:


Python version: 3.8
Aerasa version: Latest
Errors Encountered:

NoSectionError: No Section: ‘blas’
KeyError: ‘blas-ldflags’
IndexError when importing pytensor: ‘list index out of range’

I’m not sure how to address these errors, and any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has faced similar issues or has insights into resolving them, please share your expertise.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Could you show us the output of conda list so we can see how your environment is configured?

This is a known bug that was fixed recently: blas IndexError: list index out of range error · Issue #504 · pymc-devs/pytensor · GitHub

We just made a release, but will have to also do a new release of PyMC that is compatible. Stay tuned!

For now you can force pytensor==2.17.3

Thank you so much for your help. I forced pytensor==2.17.3 and now I can import pymc.

I was also encountering this same error, but I’ve since resolved it. I use pip and just upgraded pymc and pytensor (pip install --upgrade pymc pytensor). The problem should be resolved at that point if you’re using pip (I used jupyter so I restarted the kernel as well). If using conda, I would imagine the counterpart command applies. Hope this helps the next person.