Installation of PyMC3 to Windows 11 using Spyder

I am trying to install PyMC3 for studying purpose (Bayesian Updating) but cannot make it work.

I would like to use PyMC3 with Spyder and install it using Anaconda3.

Does anyone have a complete installation guide or maybe some ideas why it might work?

I have tried many different procedures posted online and controlled the installation using their examples.

I am new into this environment, so please help me.

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A couple of questions. First, is it necessary to install version 3 rather than the much more recent version 5? If you don’t have specific situation that requires installing older versions, it’s strongly recommended to install current versions. Second, what exactly have you tried and what exactly didn’t work (e.g., error messages, undesirable behavior, etc.). With this info, someone should be able to suggest some solutions.