Issues with Pymc3 import

Hi, I have been using pymc3 for a bit without issue. But after running into a weird issue "The file scan_perform.c is not available. " I ended up removing anaconda and reinstalling everything. Worse.

Now I can’t even import pymc. I get "AttributeError: module ‘arviz’ has no attribute ‘InferenceData’ "

I have switched various combinations of conda install and pip install and various versions, nothing seems to work (though) at times the error message changes - prior to the arviz error I was getting “ImportError: cannot import name ‘is_same_graph’ from ‘theano.gof.toolbox’”.

Macbook Pro 10.15.7
Python 3.8.5
pymc3 is 3.10.0 (I think).

Any help is appreciated.


The combination pip uninstall pymc3 immediately followed by conda install pymc3 just worked.
But now there are other issues that I didn’t previously have. And so it goes. I’ll update if I fail to resolve those.