Kruschke diagrams

Is their a way to get a Kruschke diagram in the new PYMC. I have the following version of PYMC: Runing on PyMC v5.3.0.I am aware of graphviz but would much prefer a Kruschke diagram to display models. Thanking you. Declan

There is no implementation but it would be cool to have!

Thank you for your reply. Could I possibly ask Is there an implementation with pymc3 using 'BayesianTools library or is that now gone.

While I realise Kruschke diagrams are not yet available in pymc4 i wonder do the work in pymc3 as they are helpful in general but especially in teaching the concepts of Bayesian modelling.

I have no recollection of these sorts of plots existing in any version of PyMC. This post details how to create them “by hand”. Some time ago there was discussion about potentially creating them automatically based on pm.Model specifications. There’s also this stale PR that was looking into creating DAG representations. But that’s about it I think.