"LogCDF method not implemented for gamma_rv{0, (0, 0), floatX, False}" after updating to 1.27.0

It’s strange, but my code of implementing the gamma_cdf:

    gamma_latent = pm.Gamma('gamma_latent', alpha=α, beta=β)
    def gamma_cdf(x):
        return tt.exp(pm.logcdf(gamma_latent, x))

resulted in error after updating to the version 1.27.0

File ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pymc/logprob/basic.py:311, in logcdf(rv, value, warn_rvs, **kwargs)
    309 fgraph, rv_values, _ = construct_ir_fgraph({rv: value})
    310 [ir_rv] = fgraph.outputs
--> 311 expr = _logcdf_helper(ir_rv, value, **kwargs)
    312 cleanup_ir([expr])
    313 if warn_rvs:

File ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pymc/logprob/abstract.py:101, in _logcdf_helper(rv, value, **kwargs)
     99 def _logcdf_helper(rv, value, **kwargs):
    100     """Helper that calls `_logcdf` dispatcher."""
--> 101     logcdf = _logcdf(rv.owner.op, value, *rv.owner.inputs, name=rv.name, **kwargs)
    103     if rv.name:
    104         logcdf.name = f"{rv.name}_logcdf"

File /usr/lib/python3.11/functools.py:909, in singledispatch.<locals>.wrapper(*args, **kw)
    905 if not args:
    906     raise TypeError(f'{funcname} requires at least '
    907                     '1 positional argument')
--> 909 return dispatch(args[0].__class__)(*args, **kw)

File ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pymc/logprob/abstract.py:96, in _logcdf(op, value, *inputs, **kwargs)
     83 @singledispatch
     84 def _logcdf(
     85     op: Op,
     88     **kwargs,
     89 ):
     90     """Create a graph for the logcdf of a ``RandomVariable``.
     92     This function dispatches on the type of ``op``, which should be a subclass
     93     of ``RandomVariable``.  If you want to implement new logcdf graphs
     94     for a ``RandomVariable``, register a new function on this dispatcher.
     95     """
---> 96     raise NotImplementedError(f"LogCDF method not implemented for {op}")

NotImplementedError: LogCDF method not implemented for gamma_rv{0, (0, 0), floatX, False}

It worked fine for earlier versions like, for example, 1.26.3.

Have someone experienced something similar?

What package does the 1.27.0 refer to? Do you mean PyTensor 2.17.0: Release rel-2.17.0 · pymc-devs/pytensor · GitHub?

PyMC always pins a specific version of PyTensor, and this shouldn’t be changed manually. In this case PyMC is not yet compatible with 2.17.0, because we changed how the GammaRV works internally.

Thank for quick reply - yes, I was talking about the version of pytensor