My Journey in Learning and Relearning Bayesian Statistics by Ali Akbar Septiandri

Talk Abstract

My journey in learning (and relearning) Bayesian methods as a computer scientist

Ali Akbar Septiandri Twitter @aliakbars


Ali Akbar Septiandri

A data scientist and a lecturer. Learning/teaching data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

This is a PyMCon 2020 talk

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Thanks for sharing your journey! This is an extremely honest talk - I sometimes also recalled that how bad I was at statistic during university :sweat_smile: I think the world needs more talk like this to share about those “ah” moments (for me it’s when I understand likelihood). I also learned a lot by preparing for teaching (I am always surprised how much I actually don’t really understand or not clear until I try to teach)


Thanks for the kind words! Back then, I felt terrible and helpless for not being able to work through the math. This is just a shoutout to people embarking on a journey of being a Bayesian, “You are not alone. It might take some time to learn.” Hopefully some the references mentioned in this talk can help.

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