New bug in fast sample posterior predictive

There is a new bug in fast_sample_posterior_predictive() in pymc version 3.11.2, a bug that was not present as recently as version 3.9.3. The bug is not present in sample_posterior_predictive().

Here’s a minimal example that exhibits the bug. Note that the example uses @lucianopaz 's model factory approach, with two somewhat different models, one sampled and one sampled posterior predictive:

import pymc3 as pm 

b_observed = 1
with pm.Model() as m: 
    p = pm.Beta('p', 2, 2)
    b = pm.Binomial('b', n=1, p=p, observed=b_observed)
    trace = pm.sample(
        draws=600, tune=1000, chains=2, return_inferencedata=True)

with pm.Model() as m_forward:
    p = pm.Beta('p', 2, 2) 
    b2 = pm.Binomial('b2', n=1, p=p)
    b3 = pm.Binomial('b3', n=1, p=p*b2)

with m_forward:
    trace_forward = pm.fast_sample_posterior_predictive(
        trace, var_names=['p', 'b2', 'b3'])

This call to fast_sample_posterior_predictive() results in an AssertionError:

The AssertionError is raised in this code, within pymc3/distributions/

    def random_sample(
        meth: Callable[..., np.ndarray],
        point: _TraceDict,
        size: int,
        shape: tuple[int, ...],
    ) -> np.ndarray:
        val = meth(point=point, size=size)
            assert val.shape == (size,) + shape, (
                "Sampling from random of %s yields wrong shape" % param

The debugger reveals the following values for variables:

I’m not sure whether size should be 1200 instead of (1200,), or whether
the assertion should be assert val.shape == size + shape instead of assert val.shape == (size,) + shape. But something is wrong.

Note that this error was not raised in v3.9.3, and is not raised in v3.11.2 when sample_posterior_predictive() is called instead.

Perhaps this should be reported as a bug on github instead?

Yes please report it on Github, thanks :slight_smile:

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Done. Thanks.