New PyMCon Talk Released: Bayesian Causal Modeling by Thomas Wiecki & Ben Vincent

Welcome to the 10th event of the PyMCon Web Series! As part of this series, most events will have both an asynchronous component and a live Q&A.

Speaker: Thomas Wiecki, CEO & founder of PyMC Labs.
Event type: Recorded Talk with Live Q&A
Q&A Date/Time: 2023-09-28T13:00:00Z (subscribe here for email updates)
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NOTE: This session is exclusively for Q&A. We kindly request that you watch the recording before joining the event. Plus, The event will be recorded. Subscribe to the PyMC YouTube channel for notifications.

Abstract of the talk:

Causal analysis is rapidly gaining popularity, but why? Machine learning methods might help us predict what’s going to happen with great accuracy, but what’s the value of that if it doesn’t tell us what to do to achieve a desirable outcome? Without a causal understanding of the world, it’s often impossible to identify which actions lead to a desired outcome.

Causal analysis is often embedded in a frequentist framework, which comes with some well-documented baggage. In this talk, Thomas will present how we can super-charge PyMC for Bayesian Causal Analysis by using a powerful new feature: the do operator.




About the Speaker:


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