Not implemented error in Dynamical Partial Pooling Extractor

I am trying to implement a dynamical hierarchical structure of layers in a model.
For example:
Imagine you have a Hierarchy of three components: ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’. The hierarchy is given by a String with a structure like this:


In the first line would mean that the component A can only match with component B; 1 or 2 and with component C; 0

So the idea should be that each component in the hierarchy will affect the distribution of each child. So the dist[B;1] will be affected by the dist[A;0].

To implement that idea of dependency I have tried to do it dynamically through a for loop and dependency through the distributions.

  • components contains the unique values of each component
  • indexes contains the indexes of each level of the hierarchy
with self.model:
            previous_sigma = pm.Exponential('sgm-hyper-prior', hierarchy_spec.hiperparams[0])
            niter = 1
            for _ in elements:
                if niter==1:
                    previous_dist = pm.Normal('hie-'+":".join(elements[:niter]), 
                            mu = hierarchy_spec.hiperparams[0], 
                            sigma = self.model.named_vars.get(, 
                            shape = len(combinations[":".join(elements[:niter])]))
                    if niter!=len(elements):
                        previous_sigma = pm.HalfNormal('sgm-hie-'+":".join(elements[:niter]), 
                                                        sigma = self.model.named_vars.get(,
                                                        shape = len(combinations[":".join(elements[:niter])]))
                    previous_dist = pm.Normal("hie-"+":".join(elements[:niter]), 
                                            mu = self.model.named_vars.get([indexes[":".join(elements[:niter])]], 
                                            sigma = self.model.named_vars.get([indexes[":".join(elements[:niter])]],
                                            shape = len(combinations[":".join(elements[:niter])]))
                    previous_dist = pm.Normal("hie-"+":".join(elements[:niter]), 
                                            mu = self.model.named_vars.get([indexes[":".join(elements[:niter])]], 
                                            sigma = self.model.named_vars.get([indexes[":".join(elements[:niter])]],
                                            shape = len(combinations[":".join(elements[:niter])]))
                    previous_sigma = pm.HalfNormal('sgm-hie-'+":".join(elements[:niter]), 
                                                    sigma = self.model.named_vars.get([indexes[":".join(elements[:niter])]],
                                                    shape = len(combinations[":".join(elements[:niter])]))

The structure of the model should be something like this and I obtain the correct one:

However when I started sampling the model, PYMC returned the following error:

NotImplementedError                       Traceback (most recent call last)
File c:\Users\O002095\Anaconda3\envs\withprofy\lib\site-packages\pytensor\compile\function\, in Function.__call__(self, *args, **kwargs)
    968 try:
    969     outputs = (
--> 970         self.vm()
    971         if output_subset is None
    972         else self.vm(output_subset=output_subset)
    973     )
    974 except Exception:

File c:\Users\O002095\Anaconda3\envs\withprofy\lib\site-packages\pytensor\graph\, in Op.make_py_thunk..rval(p, i, o, n, params)
    539 @is_thunk_type
    540 def rval(
    541     p=p, i=node_input_storage, o=node_output_storage, n=node, params=None
    542 ):
--> 543     r = p(n, [x[0] for x in i], o)
    544     for o in node.outputs:

File c:\Users\O002095\Anaconda3\envs\withprofy\lib\site-packages\pymc\logprob\, in TransformedVariable.perform(self, node, inputs, outputs)
     99 def perform(self, node, inputs, outputs):
--> 100     raise NotImplementedError("These `Op`s should be removed from graphs used for computation.")

If I implement the hierarchy statically and without dynamic indexing through the distributions, everything runs and samples correctly:

  • A,B,C contains the unique values of each component
  • A_B, B_C… contains the index of the corresponding hierarchical level
with model:
    intercept = pm.Normal('intercept', mu=1, sigma = 10)
    # pm.MutableData("data-cta_text", X['cta_text'].values)
    pm.MutableData("data-C_obs_idx", ctas_obs_idx)
    sigma_hyp = pm.Exponential("sigma_hyp", 0.005)
    mu_A = pm.Normal("A", mu=0, sigma=sigma_hyp, shape=len(A))
    sigma_A = pm.HalfNormal("sigma_A", sigma=sigma_hyp, shape=len(A))

    mu_B = pm.Normal("mu_B", mu = mu_A[A_B_idx], sigma=sigma_A[A_B_idx], shape=len(A_B))
    sigma_B = pm.HalfNormal('sigma_B', sigma = sigma_micro[A_B_idx], shape=len(A_B))

    mu_C = pm.Normal("mu_C", mu=mu_B[B_C_idx], sigma=sigma_B[B_C_idx], shape = len(B_C))

    linear = pm.Deterministic('linear', (intercept + mu_C[model.named_vars['data-C_obs_idx']]))

In both cases there is a likelihood used with the same structure:

with mlb.model:
    pm.MutableData('target', X_c['target'].values)
    pm.Normal("y_hat", mu=mlb.model.named_vars.get('linear'), sigma=1, observed=mlb.model.named_vars.get('target'))

Thanks in advance

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It seems that the error came from another completely different part of the code. As the model was being tried in a Jupyter notebook, there was a previous cell to configure the pytensor flags to watch more clearly the errors in the model. So there was a cell with this configuration:


That configuration made every model to raise the same error.

I’ll close the post as solved but if it helps to anyone


This should be fixed by Fix bug when compiling logp with `mode="FAST_COMPILE"` by ricardoV94 · Pull Request #6735 · pymc-devs/pymc · GitHub

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