Output in cmd when activate assigned environment for pymc3 (Windows)


I recently started learning to use pymc3 on a windows machine with GPU recently installed. Every time when I “conda activate” the dedicated environment in cmd, there is a long output seemingly related to Visual studio in the cmd. I have been trying to get rid of it by updating the visual studio compilers, and other visual studio components, but no success. It is not detrimental, as the environment can be activated, and pymc3 can be used. But I occasionally run into situations that the spyder/jupyter notebook froze when a script runing a pymc3 model sampling for too long. So I am not sure if there is something flimsy about my pymc3 installation. I have two environemtns, for pymc3 3.8 and pymc3 3.11.2 respectively, both produce similar output when being activated. There is no such compliant when activating environment where pymc3 is not installed.

Thank you for the help!

The second pic of the output from the cmd when activate pymc3 env. Sorry for splitting them up.

The third (the last)/