Problem in order to get the probability in a range

Hi !
I want to ask you if there’s any way to get the probability in a certain range when you have in this model:

I want to calculate the probability(between 0 and 1) in the [80,81) range inside theta0 trace.
Is there posible ? I’ve been looking in my notes but I don’t know how to find it.


I think you can try counting the number of samples that are in the in the [80,81) range and divide by the total sample you draw.

Thankyou so much !
And how can I count the samples of theta0 in a range in the code ?

Thanks again

The trace is just a numpy array, so you can do the same computations as for any other array.
Here, counting the samples where trace < 81 and trace >= 80, and then dividing this number by len(trace).