Problems with Hierachical Bayesian Model - Big Data

I’m getting very strange numbers in the trace for my error term s.

I’m using a modified version of HierarchicalLogisticRegression in pycm3_models.

I changed the code to do a regular regression.

def create_model(self):
    Creates and returns the PyMC3 model.

    Note: The size of the shared variables must match the size of the training data. Otherwise, setting the shared variables later will raise an error. See

    the PyMC3 model
    model_input = theano.shared(np.zeros([self.num_training_samples, self.num_pred]))

    model_output = theano.shared(np.zeros(self.num_training_samples))

    model_cats = theano.shared(np.zeros(self.num_training_samples, dtype='int'))

    self.shared_vars = {
        'model_input': model_input,
        'model_output': model_output,
        'model_cats': model_cats

    model = pm.Model()

    with model:

        # intercept
        mu_alpha    = pm.Normal('mu_alpha', mu=0, sd=100)
        sigma_alpha = pm.HalfNormal('sigma_alpha', sd=100)
        alpha       = pm.Normal('alpha', mu=mu_alpha, sd=sigma_alpha, shape=(self.num_cats,))

        # coefficients
        mu_beta     = pm.Normal('mu_beta', mu=0, sd=100)
        sigma_beta  = pm.HalfNormal('sigma_beta', sd=100)
        betas       = pm.Normal('beta', mu=mu_beta, sd=sigma_beta, shape=(self.num_cats, self.num_pred))

        # model
        mean = alpha[model_cats] + T.sum(betas[model_cats] * model_input, 1)
        s    = pm.HalfNormal('s', tau=1)
        y    = pm.Normal('y', mu=mean, sd=s, observed=model_output)

    return model

For the particular traing dataset, there are 50+ features, 10+ milllion rows, 100+ categories.

I’m using batch training as described here with size 100: Big Data with HierarchicalRegression

Mean/std of target is approx .0010 and .02, so there is something clearly not working correctly here.


mean        102529.488376
sd             201.365938
mc_error         2.249605
hpd_2.5     102125.888260
hpd_97.5    102915.690672
Name: s, dtype: float64

I tried normalizing y with (y - y.mean()) / y.std(), but the results are similar. I also tried increasing the batch size to 1000, but the results are worse.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something that I’m clearly doing wrong?


I will try with more informative prior. But keep in mind ADVI does not always gives good approximation.

I managed to fix this by using a much larger batch size. Perhaps it makes sense to ensure that each batch contains every category.

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