Pymc installion error on windows

when trying to use pymc on windows, I am getting an error related to a file called “\Temp\pytensor_compilation_error_m3hgzirs” because of " sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in\r\n #include "pytensor_mod_helper.h" currently using pyton 3.10.13 within miniforge3

any tips to resolve this?

My best guess: you may have not installed / configured your c compiler in 64 bit mode.

What c compiler do you use?


I use mingw-w64, should use a different c compiler? on windows 10 btw. Thanks in advance!

You may want to verify if the installation itself is 64 bit.

See eg c++ - Sorry, unimplemented: 64 bit mode not compiled in - Stack Overflow