PyMC Office Hours - April 1, 2022

The PyMC community team will be holding office hours next week to provide an additional outlet for the community to ask questions, get help, discuss, etc. The meeting is open to everyone and anyone should feel welcome to attend. Future office hours will be announced as they are scheduled.

Next week’s office hours will be held on April 1 at the time listed below and will probably last about an hour (so don’t worry if you can’t make it exactly at this time!).

Los Angeles 8AM
New York 11AM
Barcelona 5PM
Mumbai 8:30PM

We’ll host the office hours on Zoom and you can join by using this link, or this meeting info:

Meeting ID: 931 2041 3855
Passcode: 425952


Hi! I am having some major installation troubles, i think they are related to my mac’s version of gcc and clang. Can I come to office hours to get help with this?

Of course! No guarantees we’ll be able to solve any particular problem brought to office hours. But if not, we’re happy to work on whatever you have and get you headed in the direction.

Bumping this in preparation for tomorrow’s office hours.

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Do you have any upcoming office hours planned?

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I would expect an update at the end of this week.


Updating post for April 1 office hours.

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Bumping this. Starting in about an hour!