PYMC sample error

I am fitting a sample using prior distribution nd getting following error:

Seems like you have an issue with your installation of Aesara

Thanks for your reply. I just checked an example on Aesara, it is working fine.

Try a function with a dot and its gradient

I didnt get you. You meant to calculate gradient of a function output.

I mean that the Aesara function you tried was too simple. I think you have an issue with caching/installation and you would get a similar error if you tried to evaluate an Aesara function that has a dot operation and/or possibly its gradient wrt to one of the inputs as well.

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried to implement both and found no issue in Aesara.

Can you replicate your PyMC model in google colab?

And if so, can you share the colab afterwards?

Thanks for the suggestion . I need to see how can do it. Colab is blocked in my organization but will see how can i share it by some other means.