Python debugger extremely slow with debugger

I have some python functions handling some pymc3 rvs. I am attempting to write unit-tests for these using vscode, and want to be able to run these unit tests using built in vscode python debugger.

However if there is a breakpoint present, it takes somewhere between 100-200 seconds for the built in test debugger to reach the breakpoint. if there is no breakpoint present, it takes a couple of seconds.

This should be reproducable by writing a simple test after importing a dictionary with the pymc3 distribution as values:

prior_dict = {
    'normal': pm.Normal,
    'halfnormal': pm.HalfNormal,
    'uniform': pm.Uniform,
    'beta': pm.Beta,
    'binomial': pm.Binomial,
    'discrete_uniform': pm.DiscreteUniform,
    'chi2': pm.ChiSquared,
    'gamma': pm.Gamma,
    'exponential': pm.Exponential,
    'lognormal': pm.Lognormal,
    'poisson': pm.Poisson,
    'weibull': pm.Weibull

def test_example():

if setting a debug breakpoint at “pass”, it takes a long time to run.
Any suggestions?