Stated Choice Based Conjoint

Hey dear community,
I am trying to conduct the analysis of stated choice based conjoint survey results. You can see the response csv file. I am trying to calculate utilities for each attribute levels, in other words the partworth utilities. Of course it would be better to have individual utilities, however during my research I found out that there are some difficulties related to calculated individual utilities. So, any help for calculating partworth utilites would be highly appreciated.
conjoint_responses.csv (11.3 KB)

Hi! Could you share some of what you’ve already tried? Is there something specific in your model that isn’t working?

Hey, Sorry for late reply I am just lost, any help would be appreciated, I could not find any solution to this.

I think @jessegrabowski was asking about what sorts of things you had either tried or read about in order to get some sense of what exactly you are trying to do. With only a data set and a high-level description of your goal, it’s tough to know exactly how to help.

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Asking Questions on the PyMC Discourse — PyMC project website may help

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Okey, thanks for the help.