Studying Glycan 3D Structures With PyMC3 and ArviZ by Agustina Arroyuelo

Talk Abstract

Interest for circular variables is present across a very diverse array of applied fields, from social and political sciences to geology and biology. They are very useful for the statistical modelling of, time, wind directions, bond angles between atoms or even swimming pattern in fish. In this talk, I will present an introduction to circular variables, mostly related to my work in ArviZ during the last GSoC and I will offer a glimpse on how to use PyMC3 and ArviZ to explore biomolecules 3D shapes.

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Agustina Arroyuelo

Agustina is a PhD candidate in Biology. In her research, she applies Bayesian statistics to biomolecular structure determination and validation, i.e. finding the 3-dimensional shape of biomolecules and evaluating if that shape is a good model. She enjoys contributing to open source software. She has participated in the Google Summer of Code program with PyMC3 and ArviZ and she has recently incorporated to ArviZ core developers team.

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Really cool application!