[Tutorial Video] How to choose priors under constraints

Hola todos! Just wanted to share a new video we just released on PyMC Labs YouTube channel :partying_face:

We show you how to use the new pymc.find_constrained_prior function to find priors intuitively and efficiently – no long manual plotting back-and-forth required :wink:

  • Accompying Jupyter notebook
  • Need your help: we’ll release new tutorial videos with fixed frequency, so are there any topics / PyMC functions that you’d like to see in such a tutorial?

That is a great example of how to use the pymc.find_constrained_prior.

Many thanks @AlexAndorra for sharing it. This is a very helpful and fun video to watch. I am trying to apply this practical technique in my work :slight_smile:

Also, just a typo, but a minor change for the topic title to How to you choose priors under constraints could be great.

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Thanks! Fixed.

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