Using With Bambi Models

Hi Friends,

I am trying to fix several models with Bambi and then compare them with function. I have seen lots of examples of using directly with PyMC, but none with Bambi. Unfortunately, it does not work as expected with Bambi:

“TypeError: log likelihood not found in inference data object”

I found this thread, which looks like it might apply. I tried to follow that thread, but ran into trouble and I wasn’t even sure I was on the right track.

Here is a minimal example. The Bambi models fit fine, but then fails. What am I missing??? :smiley:

My versions are:

My error is:

My code is:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

import arviz as az
import bambi as bmb
import pymc as pm

import sys




penguins = pd.read_csv("../data/penguins.csv")

missing_data = penguins.isnull()[
    ["bill_length_mm", "flipper_length_mm", "sex", "body_mass_g"]

penguins = penguins.loc[~missing_data].reset_index(drop=True)


species_model = bmb.Model("body_mass_g ~ 0 + species", penguins)

species_model_results =
species_model.predict(species_model_results, kind='pps', inplace=True)


species_one_covariate_model = bmb.Model("body_mass_g ~ 0 + species + flipper_length_mm", penguins)

species_one_covariate_results =
species_one_covariate_model.predict(species_one_covariate_results, kind='pps', inplace=True)


compare_dict = {

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At some point in the past, the default behavior of pm.sample was changed so that point-wise log-likelihoods are no longer computed and stored for every sample in the trace (it’s time and memory intensive and a lot of people don’t need it).

For you do need it, so you have two options:

  1. When you call, add the argument idata_kwargs=dict(log_likelihood = True). This signals to PyMC that you would like the log-likelihood to be computed and added to your idata after sampling is complete.
  2. Use idata = pm.compute_log_likelihood(idata), which will compute the log likelihoods, add them to your idata, and give it back.

Worked like a charm. Thank you, Jesse.