Version 3.11 and compile filelocks

Hi there,

I’m testing version 3.11, everything works great!

I just have a question about the locks though. There are even more of the lock messages than before, to the point it really clutters the display and logs:
Lock 139933934389456 released on /tmp/vleboute/theano.NOBACKUP/compiledir_Linux-4.15–generic-x86_64-with-debian-buster-sid-x86_64-3.7.7-64/.lock

Of course I can modify but I wonder whether 1) it’s normal to have that many warnings and whether it affects the performance, and 2) why this doesn’t change when trying different values for theano.config.compile.wait and theano.config.compile.timeout?


Could you solve this?

No, I’m still using a modified that removes the messages.