Webinar: Bayesian Data Analysis with BRMS (Feb 28, 2023)

There is an upcoming live webinar, that is free and open to the public: Bayesian Data Analysis with BRMS

DATE: Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023
TIME: 7- 8pm ET
WHERE: online (BigMarker is a browser based platform, no download required, use Chrome for best experience)
SIGN-UP: on Meetup
COST: Free



In this webinar Mitzi Morris shows how you can quickly build robust models for data analysis and prediction using BRMS. After a brief overview of the the advantages and limitations of BRMS and a quick review of multi-level regression. We will work through an R-markdown notebook together, to see how to fit, visualize, and test the goodness of the model and resulting estimates.


Mitzi Morris is a member of the Stan Development Team and serves on the Stan Governing Body. Since 2017 she has been a full-time Stan developer, working for Professor Andrew Gelman at Columbia University, where she has contributed to the core Stan C++ platform and developed CmdStanPy, a modern Python interface for Stan. She is also as an active Stan user, developing, publishing, and presenting on Bayesian models for disease mapping. Prior to that she has worked as a software engineer in both academia and industry, working on natural language processing and search applications as well as data analysis pipelines for genomics and bioinformatics.

Mitzi on GitHub github.com/mitzimorris

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In case you missed the live webinar, the video is now available for:
Speaker: Mitzi Morris

Event: Bayesian Data Analysis with BRMS