8/2017: HMC and discrete parameters

The paper is… :drum:

Discontinuous Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for sampling discrete parameters by Akihiko Nishimura, David Dunson and Jianfeng Lu.

We’ll shoot for a call on Aug 11. Has anyone read the paper yet? First impressions or thoughts?


The discussion will take place at 15:00 GMT on Friday, August 11 at appear.in/pymc. Please let us know if you intend to participate so that we can accommodate everyone.

I will be there!

How many connections can appear.in accommodate?

I’ll join, too. Maybe we should just use “likes” to indicate that, discourse requires at least 20 letters in a post :slight_smile:

Currently, eight users. It gets bumped up to 12 if you are a premium user (which I am not yet, but am considering).