Is the journal club still alive or ready to be revived?

I am pretty new on the discourse and came across this tag. I, for one, would be interested in a journal club like described in the first post with this tag. Is it still alive? If not: why did it die out and would it be viable again?


I’m interested too!

It is still happening, and will be next Friday, March 19, at 3pm UTC (10am in Boston, I think I got the conversion right!)

Somewhat unusually, the article is currently getting posted to the arxiv – I’ll followup here sometime next week when it is available (hopefully Tuesday-ish?), and we can send invites to those interested.


Promised update:
Here is the paper Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in Inverse Problems; Ill-Conditioning and Multi-Modality, by Ian Langmore, Michael Dikovsky, Scott Geraedts, Peter Norgaard, Rob von Behren

One of the authors (Ian Langmore) will be presenting the paper. Even if you do not attend, the paper is a great read – section 3 has some nice results and intuition on step size and integration time for HMC, and section 4 covers preconditioning / mass matrix adaptation.

Also, I got the UTC time wrong last week because of daylight savings time. It will be Friday, March 19 at 2pm UTC (which is still 10am in Boston).

If you would like to attend, please message me your email address either through discourse or my gmail address (colcarroll@), and I will add you to the calendar invite.