A version bug in sample_prior_predictive

When I run “Case study 1: Educational Outcomes for Hearing-impaired Children”,
I run “with test_score_model:
prior_samples = pm.sample_prior_predictive(100)”

The bug indicates that “ContextualVersionConflict: (xarray 0.20.1 (d:\anaconda3\lib\site-packages), Requirement.parse(‘xarray>=0.21.0’), {‘arviz’})”

my version of module is as followed:
print(arviz.version) 0.15.1
print(pm.version) 5.3.0
print(xarray.version) 2023.4.2

Do you have any suggestion to solve it or have you ever confronted the same problem as this?

Thanks for your perfect job here and I do hope someone who can answer it. Thanks a lot!

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How did you install pymc? Did you follow the instructions found here?

Thanks a lot, it works out.

When I try to install pymc under notebook environment, it will indicate bugs. However, it’s fine when I use conda to install pymc.

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