About the Announcements category

Low traffic category for important announcements about major PyMC or PyMCon milestones.

For announcements about packages, learning material, books… use the Sharing category and for job offers or other PyMC news and the like use the News category.

This category is intended to be a low key mailing list for the PyMC project. All Discourse users are by default “Watching first post” for this category, which can be modified from the Announcements category page top right icon with a bell.

To make sure nobody posts here by mistake and keep the mailing list low traffic, only a handful of people have permission to create topics here.

Unless you manually configure your notifications to be “Watching” or “Tracking” the category, you will only get notifications whenever a topic is created, not when someone replies to it. Therefore anybody can reply to ask for more details or clarification on an announcement.