Proposal: Create a page which acts as a news feed for PyMC

idea: to have a page except the official documentation which contains updates about PyMC, things about devs, updates about integration with lab, GSoC updates, and general things, a place to keep up with PyMC for people who don’t use twitter or something. People can subscribe with rss readers or just open it once in a while. and in its header section we give links to official docs and pymc-labs and pymc-github. It’s a place where all the blog posts about pymc can also be kept with individual author names and links to the original post (if we want to do that), it’s a nice way to engage the community. In docs we can’t ever really talk so much about PyMC and it’ll be good to have a coherent place.

PS: I briefly talked about this to @twiecki and we thought let’s ask everyone and make a call, so I think this is a nice way to: 1. showcase the work we do 2. engage a lively community.

I would absolutely love to hear everyone’s opinions on this, especially people who are not regular contributors to PyMC, would you find this useful? would it make using PyMC easier? would it make you feel more involved with the dev/docs teams?


I like the idea a lot. I wonder if this news feed could just be a simple blog where some posts are long (like the v4 release announcement) and some are short (like here’s a new talk you should watch). The overview page would be made to look simple and like a feed. The pros are that we can use existing technology, and we would have a solid blog for PyMC in general (currently we only have the shitty medium one).


200% agree. I hand’t thought about a blog, but I did propose moving some content out of the website out of the documentation so that we have (website about the project, blog, governance, about us…) and documentation for pymc library in html format.

I recently created an ArviZ project website: ArviZ project (please don’t advertize it yet though, we want to pair it with the new logo we got funds for with GSoD).

I would love to have the home website be a super cool website with no relation to sphinx, but I think that would mean hiring someone. In the meantime, we could set up something like that and use ablog like we do in pymc examples so that it is very easy to create and we can write blogposts directly as notebooks if we want to, otherwise use markdown or rst.


Started experimenting on the site at PyMC — Keeping up with PyMC. Still very backbones site but feedback welcome!


Looks great! Are these 3 different categories that we would add to or is every box its own item?

The cards on the homepage? We thought about using cards on the homepage to highlight specific
news or resources. For now we started with an event, a blogpost and a talk because we felt they were interesting things to showcase, but the cards are completely manual in all aspects, we can choose the title, text, color and link at will (and for now only one is an internal link, the other two have external links).

In the future we might want to keep 3 cards (but update them to pymcon, major version and google summer of code) or we might want to add more cards either as a new column or as a carroussel (like the testimonials on the docs homepage) so that still only 3 are visible by default