Bambi 0.5.0 is out

Hi all,

We are happy to announce we’ve just released a new version of Bambi!

One of the major changes is the modification of the API

model = Model('y ~ x + (x|group)', data)
idata =

and we have also fixed several bugs related to family models that were not working very well.

Bambi development doesn’t stop here! There are several features coming in the nearby future

  • Robust linear regression
  • Beta regression
  • Multinomial regression
  • Easy out-of-sample predictions

Any doubts about whether the feature you want is available or going to be developed? Reach out to us! You can always open a new issue to request a feature or leave feedback about the library.

Bambi is a community project and welcomes contributions such as bug fixes, examples, issues related to bugs or desired enhancements, etc. Want to know more? Visit the official docs or explore the Github repo.


Also worth noting that the pymc3.glm module has been deprecated and will be removed in pymc3 4.0. Going forward, we recommend using Bambi instead of having a glm module within pymc3.

Relevant PRs: