Consulting contract to evaluate ArviZ visualizations

ArviZ got 2000 USD via GSoD 2021 to hire an independent contractor to evaluate ArviZ dataviz functions, make sure that there are no visualizations we have overlooked and should be added to the library, that the default styles and layout follow best practices, and that the documentation is clear and has relevant external references to dataviz resources.

We are searching for someone interested in dataviz (especially around uncertainty visualization) and in open source, and would like to work with us at ArviZ on making good dataviz practices widely available.

The full description of the project and the application process is available at ArviZ GitHub.

As we have done with the rest of our GSoD work, the results will also be published on GitHub in hopes it will also be useful to anyone visualizing uncertainty and Bayesian models, even if not using ArviZ.

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