Data for a Pymc3 example analysis [Educational Outcomes For Hearing-Impaired Children]

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I’m testing different regression models (Linear / Logistic / Poisson) with and without hierarchical structure in the data with stable pymc-3.11.2 and experimental ```PyMC3 v4.0.0b2 (directly from Git Hub). In this Introductory Overview of Pymc3 I came across the case study about Educational Outcomes For Hearing-Impaired Children.

How can I get access to the data file used in the sample analysis? Eventual objective is to create a set of tutorial notebooks that can help other users get familiar with Pymc3.

Thanks in advance.


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You can do pm.get_data('test_scores.csv'), otherwise the source file is in pymc-examples/test_scores.csv at main · pymc-devs/pymc-examples · GitHub


Thank you so much for this information.