Documentation bugs and improvements?

Suppose I want to point out an error in the documentation, or suggest an improvement to it. Is there a special mechanism for that, or should I just use, as I am doing now?

Thank you.

P.S. For example, I noticed that MutableData does not appear “officially” in the documentation, i.e., this query
Search — PyMC3 3.11.5 documentation
returns no results. I realize that MutableData is just a trivial alias, but still, it appears in several examples and other documents, so it seems that it should be found when searching through the API. I would like to able to point things out like this with minimal disruption to the PyMC community.

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Asking here or opening an issue on github are both fine :).

The example you mention is not a mistake though, MutableData isn’t available in 3.11, it is a new feature of 4.0 (currently in beta release and already being used in several examples). The 4.x API docs might still be missing some of the new features (see issue 5282 for more info) but MutableData is already there: Data — PyMC dev documentation.

pymc docs used to have only a single version, but we started hosting multiple versions of the docs simultaneously some months ago, you’ll see a version switcher menu on the bottom right corner of the page.

Again back to this specific example, if you notice errors or missing things in the API docs of 4.0 in particular, the best place to go is probably the issue I linked above directly

Understood. Thank you!