Equvilant APIs in PyMC v4


i was going through the example notebook Variational Inference: Bayesian Neural Networks since the VI APIs are available in pymc v4. i’ve noticed that the notebook utilized neural_network.out.distribution.p in cell In[11]. but i think that API is deprecated in v4 and/or aesara? the error message was:

AttributeError: 'TensorVariable' object has no attribute 'distribution'

i’ve crawled through this discussion and the release note, but failed to identify documentation on such topic… or perhaps wasn’t familiar with pymc enough to identify. please direct me to docs/discussions on the subject and the correct API i should adopt to the notebook.

a prior thanks.

How did you install v4? The v4 update to VI was only merged last week (if I remember correctly) and is thus not available in the current beta.

well I used editable install in order to try out the new feature.

I know that the FreeRV stuff has changed with v4. @twiecki, it’s was your post originally.