Getting Posterior Prediction of the data after using Minibatch

I am using Minibatch of size 50 to speedup ADVI optimization. It works well when the model does not have total_size = data.shape argument, for example below model works

obs = pm.Poisson('obs', lambdas, observed=data_out)

But when I do

obs = pm.Poisson('obs', lambdas, observed=data_out, total_size = data.shape)

I get an error that lambda is too large for Poisson. The size of the data is 20,000. What is the right argument in this case?

Also, how can I get the posterior prediction of the data after using a minibatch? I am using the below commands

with mod:
    inference = pm.ADVI()
    tracker = pm.callbacks.Tracker(
    mean= inference.approx.mean.eval,  # callable that returns mean
    std= inference.approx.std.eval  # callable that returns std
    approx = 2000, callbacks=[tracker,pm.callbacks.CheckParametersConvergence(tolerance=1e-4)], method=inference, obj_optimizer=pm.adam(learning_rate=0.05))
idata = approx.sample(1000)  
with mod:
    posterior = pm.sample_posterior_predictive(idata, extend_inferencedata=True)
post_pred = az.extract(posterior, 'posterior_predictive').obs

The size of post_pred is the size of the minibatch and does not match the original shape of the data. How can I extract the posterior prediction of the original data?

You can recreate the same model again without the Minibatch and call posterior predictive there using the old InferenceData.

If the variable names and shapes match it will work just as if the trace had been generated in the full (non mini-batched) model

Thanks, this worked!