Wrong posterior variance with Minibatches

The docs state that passing the argument total_size to the observed variables would fix posterior variance but it appears to have no effect at all.

PS: I’m using Metropolis as my sampler because it is the only one that works with this problem.

with pm.Model() as residual_model:
    # Setup
    batch_size = 10000
    sample_size = len(df)
    residuals = pm.Minibatch(df['RESIDUAL'].values, batch_size)
    # Prior
    bias_all = pm.Normal('bias_all', mu=0, sd=100)
    sd_all = pm.HalfNormal('sd_all', sd=100)
    bias_inlier = pm.Normal('bias_inlier', mu=0, sd=100)
    beta = pm.Normal('beta', mu=0, sd=100)
    beta_0 = pm.Normal('beta_0', mu=0, sd=100)
    sd_inlier = pm.HalfNormal('sd_inlier', sd=100)
    sd_outlier = pm.HalfNormal('sd_outlier', sd=100) + sd_inlier
    # Likelihood Models
    likelihood_all = pm.Normal('all', mu=bias_all, sd=sd_all, observed=residuals, total_size=sample_size)
    outlier_prob = pmath.invlogit(beta*abs(residuals) + beta_0)
    inlier_loglike = pm.Normal.dist(mu=bias_inlier, sd=sd_inlier).logp(residuals)
    outlier_loglike = pm.Normal.dist(mu=bias_inlier, sd=sd_outlier).logp(residuals)
    likelihood_inlier = pm.Potential(
        ((1-outlier_prob) * inlier_loglike).sum() + (outlier_prob * outlier_loglike).sum()
    # Posterior
    resid_trace = pm.sample(4000, step=pm.Metropolis(), cores=32)

total_size is meant for Variational inference only, if it is causing confusion we should probably modify the docstring

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Oh nooo! Does that mean there’s no why to sample the correct posterior for a problem like this?